Curious eclipse pictures?

Written by lam0beaner

Looking at a few pictures of the eclipse on my phone I discovered a blemish. I hadn’t noticed it prior to tonight. In fact this blemish appears on every photo that there is a good picture of the sun. I am wondering if anyone else noticed this on their iPhone7, if you have one of course.

You’ll notice in the above pictures that the blemish looks like a dot. Nothing really odd about that. But check out the next one.

In the above picture it looks like the dot is not as round. Upon looking closer it really looks like the eclipse position of the moon in proximity to the sun…

In the above photo, the blemish is almost half gone. Not only that it is arching towards the outside like a reversed crescent moon. Now, add that to the fact that my location was only able to appreciate 80% totality, I’m convinced my phone is somehow showing me the juxtaposition of the moon even though to the bare lenses it looks like a typical sun.

The last picture I took looked like a person sitting with sun glass on, or a member of the Simpson family with his hands up.

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  • The same thing happened on my solar eclipse picture too. I thought the same thing that it was the moon moving in. But it is a reflection of the sun but without all the rays coming off of it. Nancy Merrill explained in her comment to my solar eclipse picture that actually it is a reflection of the eclipse and it happens when you are shooting the moon eclipse too.

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