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A Few links

In getting ready to retire I have come across a lot of interesting sites. There are a slew of informational blogs out there and any search engine will discover them for you. However, sometimes they won’t come up all at once and give the opinion related description. I plan to make this page all about links! I hope these help you as much as they have helped me!

Going forward I will add to these links, as well as link back to them in future blogs. I hope to network all these bloggers with my site in a unique way. Should you find a link no longer works, please leave a comment or send me a message. I will try them from time to time but the more there are the more help I will need.

This is a couple documenting their journey to retire at the ripe old age of 35. There is a lot of useful tips for just starting out a traveler, blogging and much more

This site is all about finance. Preparing for retirement, tracking spending and even peppered with some travel.

This is an up to date blog site on retirement, insurance for retired young people, traveling with pets and much more!

Rich the RV guy

This is an article about load limits and weighing an RV to avoid blowouts. Good information and well written. Strongly suggest checking this one out. It could save from a major inconvenience, or worse. Like the guy says your life is worth more than not taking the time out to make sure.

A site that offers a campground discount card that could be be useful. They also offer a lot of info on campsites, publish a magazine by RV-res which is free to members

Christian Health Care Ministry

This is a site offering an alternative to expensive health care. It has peaked my curiosity and has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating . It is NOT insurance, they describe it as a cost share among members that works! There may be large out of pocket costs but not having insurance makes the cost of health care a bit cheaper. Having insurance is a guaranteed rate hiker.

This site is all about recipes. She also has informative posts about how to network with other bloggers, parenting and other practical information.

Green Energy Co.This website has multiple products that can save a ton of money on energy bills. They give a lot of good
information at the seminars. After attending one, I can honestly say I believe in their insulation and if we end up living in a home again, they will be the first call.

From insulation to refrigerant their site offers multiple options for saving money, saying healthy in the process and not contributing to the environmental footprint.

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