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Again with retirement…

Countdown to retirement

Two months to go before reaching my retirement date. I am looking forward and getting ready for the day. I hope it won’t be like the week-in-the-knees event of last month! There are lots to consider. We have been tossing around ideas to finalize. Our to do list has taken a bit of a twist.

Getting the floor finished in hubby’s pole barn has always been on the list. The aggravation is getting it the way we want.

  • We would like the barn heated.
    • in floor heat? – very expensive and detailed lay out
    • – very expensive, pay to have it done
    • unit fans hooked up to the boiler? Practical may have cold spots.
    • steam radiators turned into boiler heating devices? Seen on internet, unfamiliar.

hubbies thoughts

The ground stays at a 50 something degrees. He’s only going to be heating the barn a few degrees above that. He’s not really concerned with cold spots. But he does want to keep it around 58-60 degrees when he is working in the winter time.

The internet Poses things to consider:

  1. Is it going to be kept heated? If looking to keep a constant temp, then infloor heating is good. Recovers well when big doors are opened and closed.
  2. Do you need instant warmth? Infloor heating takes hours to warm up a space. The unit fans or modified radiators might be the way to go.
  3. Some posted

my thoughts

Since he plans to make a little money on the side using his painting skills, it will be necessary to regulate the heat for paint products. If we were going to spend the money with in floor heating, why not go ahead with insulating the floor. Instead of putting the money into the pex, we can put the money  into the Greener Energy product that will deflect the heat inside, and the cold outside. Then go with unit heaters, several of them placed at strategic areas of the pole barn. We can look at both systems and go with the less expensive one.

I’m bound and determined to have a pond this year. I think I am going to utilize a bit of my saved money and put one in the very month I retire. Next year I will be able to swim as much and as often as I like.

a lot of changes coming up

All in preparation for our golden years together. Its been a struggle putting and keeping things in perspective. Prioritizing helps with the process but doesn’t always help with the choices. I pray for guidance and have faith it will be what we need.

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