Another Day Closer to Retirement

Another day closer to retirement

Anniversary over, back to work and one more day closer to retirement. Seems like the weekends are over in a blink of the eye. Even with three days off Monday came way to fast.

I try not to wish time to pass because I know the older we get the faster time passes. I am hoping to enjoy many long days of retirement. Still, I can’t help but pine away for the reality of it!

What ya gonna drive?

I’ve been looking at motorhomes and reading books about them for the past year. Hubby is starting to get curious as well. Over the weekend he gave me a recent copy of the Michigan Auto & RV trader. According to the books I’ve read, it’s important to have a wish list for the perfect motorhome. Then a sub-list for the most important, can’t live without and deal breakers. I have found that even though they go hand in hand, one can eliminate the other. Being flexible and not married to a certain feature is imperative in making a good decision (something I have trouble with).

For example, I feel it’s important to have a washer/dryer in our coach. After all, who wants to spend time doing laundry while living like hippies?! A washer and dryer was on my list in the “can’t live without” category. My husband wants to keep the length of our motor home around 30 feet. He feels it will be more manageable and easier to tow a trailer with the motorcycle, golf cart or whatever else we end up with. I’ve also read where there are size limits in some RV parks , as well as roads; California has a highway they will not allow anything longer than 30 feet on. So, we both agree the motorhome has to be 30 feet or less. Well, good-bye washer and dryer “must have”, because finding it in motorhomes of that length is rare. Oh well, one of the books I read mentioned that doing laundry was a great way to break boredom and even meet people to boot. Nothing but a thing!

Have faith

I trust that God will provide us with a motorhome that is the best option for us, He’s carried us this far. And I bet we get it at a reasonable price, too. One thing I’ve learned over the years is when I start trying to take control of things it usually ends up costing, one way or another. I am contented to sit back a wait, but I didn’t say it was easy!

While looking through the RV Trader, I came upon a motorhome that I told my husband we should go look at. Of course he is forever the voice of reason and said “no”. Any way, the motorhome was exactly 30 feet in length and had a KING size bed!

Another thing about RV’s in general, there isn’t enough bed space. The luxury 40 foot models usually have king beds but not a 30 footer; and if they say they do, it’s usually two singles that convert to a bigger sleeping space. That idea is growing on me.

21 more months

Another day closer. I can remember having 5 years to go before becoming retirement eligible. Retirees I would run into would say, “it will fly by”. Indeed it did. Staying two more years will give me $400 more on my pension. A no-brainer. In being patient and staying the course it has yielded me valuable information on the paperwork process of retiring, by those who have already went through it. The choices to make when signing up for retirement are a huge consideration. By the time I am ready to complete the process I am sure there will be more good advice to follow.

Waiting another two years will also mean that hubby and I will retire at the same time. Making it even more exciting! We will be able to freely shop for our motorhome and travel, if necessary, to get it. We’ll have more time for projects, getting them accomplished faster with both of us working on them. No more struggles of working separate hours… and the list goes on.

Speaking of getting projects done, I have to get moving! Another day closer!

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