April Showers Bring May Flowers

Another cold and rainy day!

What a good day to sleep in, which I did until almost noon! There are so many things I want to accomplish today……. Stop and smell the flowers!

Much needed house work

Time permitted me to wash last nights dishes, wash/dry a load of laundry and vacuum half the house. Getting all my housework completed by the time I Left for work used to be important, I obsessed over it! Now I know it’s not going anywhere. My husband helped me get over that. Lilacs are so fragrant!

Purple and loaded

In the early days I would barrel through the house with intense cleaning focus. Not stopping until the last dish was washed, the last dust ball vacuumed, all in it’s place. And God help my husband if he had to use the bathroom after I put bowl cleaner in the toilet! One look at my face and he would ask me, “why do you let it get to you like this?” After reaching 50 years old it finally struck me that he was right! Daffodil’s will be blooming next week!

Grandmas Lilacs

Find joy in the flowers

Sitting at the kitchen table, drinking my coffee, I began to admire how fast the flower beds are growing. The first thing I see is the lilac bush that my grandmother planted when I was just a kid. It’s now a big bush that needs the mature branches cut out of it.  It’s not very fragrant but it is especially pretty. Mom says when lilacs are bloom it’s time to get the garden in.

I also have a Bleeding Heart in full bloom already! They are early bloomers, but with the cold weather I was sure it would be a few more weeks.

Bleeding Hearts

I took stock of all the flower pots littering the deck and yard, they are used for flowers and vegetables. Realizing just how many I have out there, I made the intentional decision not be overwhelmed with it this year. This year, I will empty all those flower pots and store them. And not only that, I am going to let the grass WIN the battle on some of my flower beds!


I already feel liberated! Im realizing that retirement is vastly approaching and these things are not going to have a place in my life anymore. The time for liberation from the need to improve upon my surroundings has arrived! They are good enough!

By the way, check out my earlier attempt at having a web page. I created it when “Angelfire” was the big name (now it’s  Lycos/Angelfire). AND, that graphic animation in the header? Done entirely by me using “Corel Draw“! There were late nights involved with that one!

The name of that page “Family Links Page“. I appreciate your letting me know what you think!

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