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Senior Autobiography

Senior Autobiography

I volunteer once a week at a medical care facility. It’s been a couple of years since first starting. In the beginning it was helping with craft projects, now I am helping with “Life-Bio‘s”.

I get to speak with different residents and glean information on their lives, an autobiography of sorts. Afterwards, the facility sends it to the company who puts it together in a bound book for them to share with family and friends.

It’s an honor to be entrusted with their thoughts and memories. I truly am grateful for the privelage to meet every person and document their lives. I walk away having learned something from each and every one; a recipe, an old wives tale, an old tradition. It’s right up my alley!

I was raised by grandparents so communicating with the older folks isn’t hard for me. I can remember my grandmother telling me, “you are going to be my age one day, Jayne”. It’s like it was only yesterday! I also hear my grandfather saying, “if I live long enough and the Lord wills it” when making plans of some kind. The older I get the more I reflect on those words.

“You’re going to be my age one day…”

To volunteer is to pay forward in my opinion. I have faith that if I can’t remain independent in my senior years, I will be cared for as I have cared for others. Faith tells me so (Read Hebrews 11).

In retirement I plan to be that “light in the dark” for others. Wherever we go, whatever we do, there will be a need for a kind face, quiet ear or simply a helping hand. My husband is the same way, if not more so. I have gained a lot of patience and kind heartedness from his example.

At a young age, it’s easy not to think about retirement or becoming geriatric. I remember being in high school thinking about the year 2000. I thought I would be DEAD before the turn of the century, much less see my 50’s!

“If I live long enough and the Lord wills it”

When I search the internet for motorhomes and look at the posted pictures, I see my hubby and me living the life. That goes the same for seeing motorhomes on the road. I say, “there we go”, watching the entourage pass by.

At an older age, having no kids, it’s easy not to realize how old you are! The only things that date you are the aches and pains, grey hair and realizing your classmates have grandkids. But those things are like a reflection in the mirror; when your not focusing on it, it’s gone.

I’m not going to worry about things I cannot control, instead I’m going to live life large in retirement. It’s my hope that hubby and I will travel like paper in the wind, landing briefly then off to a new destination. In doing so, capturing memories of people, places and things rarely seen (embedded in this website). If/when someone wishes to do my autobiography, I will show them the link to this web site.

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