Rebuilding and Cleaning

Back-up What a ride the last couple of days has been!

On Monday, my site crashed. It’s bound to happen to anyone maintaining a blog or other types of sites. It’s definitely an experience.

Tech support told me that it was due to a script error in the theme I was usuing (how do you like the new look?!). First, they gave my page a basic theme. White pages, nothing fancy. The problem with that was I could not navigate within the file structure. It was like a “root” folder, where everything was basic and tedious; a file with folders format.

Back to tech support

After much deliberation, and because I did not have an active back up, the decision was reached to simply wipe out the site; start over from scratch.

If I had years worth of material on my site it would have been a big loss. As it turns out, I only had a few weeks. So, by Wednesday my site is back up and with most of the original material. Surfice it to say, it was “nothing but a thing“! I actually like this site better and the process of reloading everything gave me more options than I had before.

Back up, Back up, Back up

Needless to say, I will be investing in a back up service before I continue much further. It makes total sense the more that is added. Pictures, polls, comments, email….. I can’t imagine losing all those things, once acquired.

I also set up a store front. It’s not available right now because there is nothing in it. Hopefully, in our travels, I will be able to load things of interest that we come across.

Moving on

All this week, when not working on my web site, I have been cleaning out the basement. I was going to take before and after pictures but hubby nixed that idea. You will have to trust me when I say it’s a hoarders nightmare! Wall to wall stuff.

When we bought the house, we moved all a our belongings into the basement. For 20 or more years it has sat down there. My first attempts at reducing the clutter was like Christmas come early. Going through the boxes coming across stuff I forgot we had.

As retirement fast approaches, and my list of things to get done grows, I am motivated to get this chore over with. I am going to catagorize things in “donate”, “sell” and “give away”. However, I don’t think there will be much to sell and most will probably go in the final category, “TRASH”.

Take a breather

Today I volunteer. The basement will wait until tomorrow. I’m glad to have my page back up and please bear with me while I get it all figured out. I hope you take advantage of the comment sections and contact page. I look forward to getting your correspondence.

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