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One Step Closer to the Big Plunge! You can do it!

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Written by lam0beaner

The Big Plunge

It’s been four months since I became eligible for retirement. Since that time I have been wrestling with my options. Do I or don’t I take the Big Plunge?!

First I said,

“I want to work two more years until my goal of being debt free is reached, and I am due to receive two more step increases in pay that would boost my monthly pension”.

I finally sat down with hubby and figured out that it will be three years before getting out of debt. We need more money to make that a reality in two. It makes sense to retire and get a job somewhere else! A situation arose at my job where it is almost certain they are going to roll (or bridge) back the retirement multiplier from 2.5 to 2.0. For me it doesn’t mean that much, since it cannot be made retroactive, I will still get my 25 years pension at the 2.5 multiplier. But, anything I make after the date they enforce it will be under the smaller (2.0) multiplier. That means that the step increases I was waiting to boost my monthly pension payout will likely not be that great.

But wait, everyone I run into that has retired before me says they make more money being retired. I guess that is because they don’t have the tax burden on pension checks, as well as all the other deductions. If that’s the case its a no brainer, retire!

Then I said,

“Well, if I wait until December, I will get all my longevity ($1200)”.

I made an appointment with HR who told me that longevity is prorated when I retire. If I were to fill out my papers now I would get $600 (or half) of my longevity. That is if they don’t take that away. And it would be under the 2.5 multiplier, not figured in under the lesser rate.

There is something to be said for having everything figured under the same formula. Having to look at it from two different formulas will make it confusing.


“I will lose my dental and vision insurance when I retire!”

I have dental work that needs to be completed. How will I afford my dental and vision care?! I just saw the eye doctor. He stated that my eyes had not changed that much since two years ¬†ago and recommended my waiting another year to see what happens before spending the money on more glasses. I do have pending dental work that needs to be completed. My insurance is maxed for this year and I was relying on next years insurance to complete the project. Hubby has vision and dental where he works so we would be covered for 1/2 the cost….

I’m scared…..

“What if I leave my job and things change? We can’t make it? The unexpected happens?”

Through this process I have been talking to God, my hubby, my boss (whom I have a solid relationship with). My boss, who is pretty savvy, suggest I get a job before putting in my paperwork. That way I would not be idle and it may turn out that I have benefits through the job. My hubby is supportive of the choice I make.

God says not to worry that he will take care of me just as he takes care of all living things. I believe that but I am still human. The human side of me says “God doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves”. Then I think, what does the human side of me represent? Sin. Fallen. Could it not be that is the dark one planting the seed of doubt in my mind? He is perfectly able to do it and roams the earth like a lion seeking those he may devour. When the time comes, I am going to abandon all else, take the Big Plunge and stick to what I believe. And that covers the unexpected, too!


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