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Bluesville on the Radio

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Written by lam0beaner

Bluesville Radio

On my way home tonight I decided to get some different tunes going. I came across the Bluesville radio station on satellite radio. Koko Taylor was belting out a song about how she didn’t want her man leaving her. That stirred up the memories. Then another song, Stevie Ray Vaughn, “I’m gonna send you back to your momma darlin’…..” More memories.

Koko Taylor

When hubby and I were just starting out I wanted to go to Chicago Blues Fest for the weeekend. I made hotel

Chicago Amtrak Tickets

Chicago Amtrak Tickets

reservations at a place with consierge and breakfast/lunch snacks included. We asked my sister to go and she agreed! It was a great trip. We sailed around on a pretty good sized boat one night. Listened to a lot of blues every night!

Several years in a row we went to Blues Fest. My sister and her husband went one year. Our mother and brother might have went that same year. One time Hubby and I took the train down instead of driving. I would not go that route again. It was nerve racking to just get going good then have to slow down for a crossing or to pick up passengers. When you reach the very outskirts of Chicago the train slowed to a crawl. It took an hour, or more, just to get through the suburb’s!

I remember

I remember a favorite bar we would go to every year.  The bouncer, Lorenzo, was a fun guy. We brought our craziness to that little bar without ever having an issue.  One time, a woman was featured that sounded a lot like Koko Taylor (for all I know it could have been her!) She sang her heart out sitting on a stool.

It was always so crowded in there that I would sit on the stool, on my knees, to see over the crowd. We would always sit close to the door and Lorenzo to mess with him. As I was perched on my knees a crowd of people came filing in. I looked to my left straight into the face of a man who was at the same eye level. He had to have been nearly seven feet tall.

One year we kept running into a homeless man who had a stack of hats piled on top of his head. No small stack either! I bet there were 20 hats or more.

Stevie Ray Vaughn

When I lived in Texas my brother would send me different things. One time he sent me a recorded tape. I must have wrote him depressed about one thing or another because at the beginning of the tape he stated; “The blues weren’t meant to make you sad, they were meant to make you feel good!”.

He recorded AC/DC singing “Ride on” (played that no less than a thousand times), Stevie Ray and the song about sending his woman back to her momma and many more tunes. Anytime I hear those songs I think of my brother and they do make me feel good!

Bluesville radio in the Motorhome

In our travels hubby and I might see if that bar is still where it used to be. Although we will have to rent a car or take a train because downtown Chicago is no place for a motorhome.

We have it figured out that we will tow a trailer with the Harley, golf cart and whatever else. Towing a car makes no sense. Twice the tires to afford, two motors to upkeep and the added gas it takes to haul a car would probably pay for a rental the few times we’d need one. We will be looking to find a lite weight aluminum trailer to tow.

One thing is for sure, there will always be blues or classic rock, maybe even a little country coming out of the speakers of our motorhome. Music soothes the sole, as they say.

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