Cockshutt 2
Written by lam0beaner

Don’t be afraid it’s just a Cockshutt

See something new everywhere you go! Traveling to another state or right in your back yard. Hubby and I went to Battle Creek today and while getting gas out poppedĀ a “Cockshutt“!

Now some of you may have heard of it, more likely if your farmers. But I still bet you haven’t seen one like I saw today.

Cockshutt 1The travelers were getting gas the same time we were. Not sure where they were from.

Looking forward to traveling

One of the great things about traveling is seeing the different wonders. Just on our way to town we ran across several unusual campers. One was lime green in color and towing the same color trailer. Funny thing was, the motorhome and trailer were the same size!

But the Cockshutt took the cake. It would have to grow on me, hubby thought it was neat. It’s part tractor, part golf cart, part lawnmower. I don’t know.

the next sighting

Whatever it my be, I’m anxious to start our lives of discovering through travel.

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