Day 1

Well, not quite day 1…

I reached my retirement milestone on February 13, 2017. Turning 55 the previous year enabled me to retire with health benefits. Acquiring 25 years of service this year (2017) allows me early retirement benefits. (I am truly blessed for and thankful to my job). Day 1 to the rest of my life.

We plan to buy a motorhome and be full time RV-ers; traveling like gypsies, caution to the wind, A Life Retired! There is  plenty to do between now and then.

If you allow, I’ll take you with me on this journey. I hope it will be adventurous and informative.

The plan:

  • Complete “While Still Working” to-do list.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Purchase motorhome.
  • Complete “No Money Needed” to-do list.
  • Rent our house.
  • Downsize our belongings.
  • Create a web page. (check)

Of course each of those things come with a mile long “to do” list. For example:  


  1. Read a couple of books on the subject;
  2. Make a list on my Amazon account of things we need for the motorhome;
  3. Begin searching the internet for motorhome’s – to get a feel for pricing and floor plans;
  4. Visit motorhome forums to get an idea for the best makes;
  5. Look at places we would like to visit to research limitations or expectations (this can also attribute to the kind of motorhome you end up with);
  6. Seek retired family and friends out to pick their brains on travel experiences, what they like/don’t like about their living arrangement. (I connected with someone on twitter who was a retired motorhome salesman!);
  7. Visit dealers and sellers, online and in person.
  8. Create a website.

You may be wondering “why create a web page?” It has several potentials for me; make new friends; let family and friends know how we are doing; generate a small income while traveling, to name a few. I have learned from some of the books that it will open a few windows of opportunity. Every little bit will help. Day 1 to the rest of my life!

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