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Don’t Worry About Retirement

Don't worry ideas retirement has a way of working out
Written by lam0beaner

Don’t worry about retirement!

Surviving retirement? Don’t worry! I know, easier said than done. But here’s the thing. If you cannot control something why worry about it. If you believe like I do in a higher power, He says:

… do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

If you don’t believe, you have to admit the last sentence makes sense.

We may be embarking on changes at work. Insurance being taken away, retiring multiplyer reduced (smaller pensions check each month?). I sit here faced with the notion that even though I was promised full benefits when hiring into my job, they can now be taken away before I’ve had an opportunity to enjoy them. While it’s not right, what can I do?  What I’m not going to do is worry. Relying on faith will see me through as it always have. I know We will be ok. Here are a few ideas my husband and I have been pondering.

Move to a retirement friendly state

Living in the great state of Michigan, I can tell you that it is not a retirement friendly state!

  • The legislature voted to tax retiree’s pensions last year
  • We pay double for auto insurance due to the no fault law (that politicians said would not happen),
  • There is legislative discussion to increase sales tax in order to “help pay for road repairs” (where is all the road repair money going?!)
  • Our govener is actively looking for ways to cut state employee’s benefits.
  • Social Security stands a good chance of being taxed around the year 2020
  • our health care ranks below average

And the list goes on. It seems to be a no brainer to go somewhere that welcomes retiree’s.

Don't worry relocate

Don’t worry relocate

South Dakota

If you cant handle extreme winters South Dakota may be the place. It appeals to me because it has a good health care rating and no tax on Social Security or pensions. Low crime, low cost of living and a 4% sales tax. I enjoy winters so that isn’t a problem until I experience one…..


Texas looks good to me because I spent 10 years there back in the 80’s. I already know I like the area and the locals. Texas boasts no income tax, no Social Security tax, no pension tax. They have average health care and a 7% sales tax. But residing in the state at 65 years or older exempts from property tax! Weather there can be extremely hot and they do see storms and winters.

If you want to learn more about other states, helpful information can be found at Bankrate and Kiplinger’s.

Lighten your load

Getting rid of baggage can go along way in reducing stress and worry. Studies show clutter raises blood pressure and stress levels. Downsizing your items can free your mind as well as generate extra dollars. Even if you don’t plan on traveling, think about creating less work for yourself by downsizing your clutter, your house and whatever else that lightens your load. A brighter day will dawn.

Get a job

Dont get me wrong here. I’m not saying go back to the 40 hour week grind unless that suits you. I’m saying put time in a place that benefits you and get paid for it as well. For instance, a work out place. Earn a few dollars and be able to use the equipment for free. Waiting tables. This is the best way to find out about a new location. Earn money while meeting people.

There’s something to be said for the retiree looking for full time work. The old antage of past a certain age we become unemployable is blown out of the water now that millennials.and gen-Xers have hit the work force. It has become hard to get the expected work from the younger employees. Older employees and their work ethic are now more desirable.

Utilize your talents

If you can craft, find a target group and create things they will purchase. If you can write, write a book or poem and publish it. You never know who is looking for what. Whatever your talent, you could offer it for sale. A good place to start is a site called Fiverr. Whether you are looking to market your talent or find someone to edit your eBook, this site has it all!

Broaden your retirement horizon

Educating yourself on the possibilities of what’s out there is half the battle. A good place to start is join AARP. When

AARP Magazine Retirement Don't worry

April 2017 AARP Magazine

you do, you will automatically get their monthly magazine. It is crammed full of information on travel, retirement benefits, health and medical, all things of interest to those retired or about to. Read books, listen to podcasts, surf the internet,  subscribe to a favored sites newsletter.

Stay active and find your peaceful place like Gabby Bernstein speaks about in her books, on her webpages and in her news letters. Preoccupy your mind with things you enjoy instead of worry.

Find a good source of emotional support. Trusted family or friends; groups that pertain;  a counselor or pastor; but start somewhere. You can get farther faster by seeking like minded individuals feedback or a different perspective from a trained professional.

Don’t worry

Things have a way of working out! It ain’t nothing but a thing!

I’m faithful, foremost. A blogger since 2017. Interested in photography, painting, anything crafty. I am not afraid to tackle the unknown and if I get stuck, there’s always the internet. I consider myself to be young at heart in an aging body.

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I’m faithful, foremost. A blogger since 2017. Interested in photography, painting, anything crafty. I am not afraid to tackle the unknown and if I get stuck, there’s always the internet. I consider myself to be young at heart in an aging body.