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Drive-in movie

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Drive-in movie night

Front of Capri drive-in

Front of Capri Drive-in

When was the last time you went to a drive in movie? For me and hubby it was last night! I bought the tickets on Groupon. We were actually able to see two movies for $5, after the $10 off Groupon special. The first movie was “Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Men Tell no Tails“.
My husband and I have seen every Pirates movie, and this one did not disappoint. There were great special effects and funny scenes. Seeing it at the drive in was a bit different. I have to say I think I have become spoiled with movie theaters reclining seats, digital surround sound, up close viewing.

Drive-in movie is still popular

We were parked in the driveway of the drive-in at 7 pm., the ticket office opened at 8 pm. By the time the ticket office opened there was a line of cars beyond sight.  It is nothing to see cars lined up for over a mile. We’ve passed by the place while out for a ride on the motorcycle.

Blast from the past

Drive-in movie

Capri Drive-in, Coldwater, MI

I’ll bet it’s been 35 years since going to a drive in movie, not a lot has changed. I have to say there was more policing on parking at this drive-in than I remember.  To the point that they handed out twine for people to tie down their hatchbacks level to the roof of the vehicle.

Most of the patrons were younger but there were baby boomers peppered into the mix. It was nice to see young families with kids in pajamas.

There were kids playing under the screen right up until the movie started. A couple “Looney Tune” cartoons prior to the movie starting was fun. (Fog Horn Leg Horn the rooster in conflict with a chicken hawk!)

Triggered Memories

I remember going to the drive-in movies with my younger sister as children. We were in the back seat. She was eating a hot dog and I was eating popcorn. Just as I looked over at her she took a bite out of her hotdog. The hot dog shot out the end of the bun and I couldn’t contain myself. I remember thinking I was going to die while choking on popcorn! Obviously I survived it but I will never forget it!

Long way home

A second movie was set to play after the “Pirates”; “The Whimpy Kid Will Rise Again”. It was After midnight when that movie began. My hubby and I thought driving 45 minutes home after that movie ended would have been a little much. Plus the fact that we had not seen any “Whimpy Kid” movies prior to this one. We headed for home but we weren’t the only ones. Over half of the drive-in cleared out!

On the way home hubby and I agreed that we have had our drive-in fix for a while. I’m pretty sure if we see a drive-in when we set out traveling, we’ll drive on by.

Coldwater, MI Sunset

Coldwater, MI Sunset


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