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Written by lam0beaner

A funny thing happpened on the way to work today

To Cochran overpassI wanted to recreate the road rage incident several months ago! With accidents happening two, three, four times a day, I didn’t want to be part of those numbers. But it seems there are those drivers who are bound and determined to make
you a number or make themselves one.  I don’t care if they are the next accident, just leave me out of it!

On my way to work, thinking about the day’s events, I turn onto Cochran Rd. I had hit the speed limit of 55 by the time I approached the overpass to the highway.  There was an oncoming vehicle and another vehicle coming down the off ramp. The off ramp vehicle had a clueless driver behind the wheel!

To bad a cop didn’t happen by

She waited for the oncoming vehicle to pass, (that would have t-boned her side of the car) but with only a couple of car links between us, she pulls out in front of me. Thank God I just got new breaks all the way around because I was standing on the skids to keep from rear ending her. All the while laying on the horn. Hmm, Florida license plate.

Cochran overpassThis woman, with me filling up her rear window, began throwing up her arms up like, “what’s the big deal?” I wanted to open a can of road rage whip ass on her! After her display she finally started accelerating past 20mph. She drove under the speed limit for the next mile and a half, which is when I finally got the opportunity to pass her. Then she wanted to speed. The last stretch in town she climbed up my rear.

I followed the speed limits using cruise (the only way I don’t speed). She got the opportunity to pass when the one lane turned into a two lane. And pass she did, doing 10mph over the speed limit. Where is a cop when u need one?!

you know the type

Sitting at the light I began checking the female out. Her aura was that of someone full of herself. She’s queen of the world. How dare a person even look in her direction.  While she neither looked left or right, it was the way she drank from her water bottle and her body language. It screamed “everyone wants to be me!”

All I can say is my hope for her is she doesn’t lad herself in a world of hurt because of the raw emotion her driving skills provoke out of others. It brings to mind two guys who had such a bad case of road rage they ended up killing each other! For me, I think I will start documenting with pictures a create a road rage wall of shame! 🙄

nothing but a thing

Now that I have vented, its time to get over it. Chalk it up to being “nothing but a thing”. I remind myself that there are going to be those days where I’m lost, not paying attention, or just should have stayed home, and I cause someone else to have a bad driving experience. It doesn’t happen to often, but the older we get the higher possibility. I pray I never cause injury to another, from behind the wheel or in any other situation.

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