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Grainy and two kittens
Written by lam0beaner

Grainy as in…

  • The picture is too grainy
  • It feels grainy under my feet
  • You didn’t stir this long enough, it’s grainy
  • My homemade fudge always turns out grainy
  • The grain of mahogany is beautiful
  • Our records are so old they sound grainy
  • The floor looks grainy, it has to be re-done

My thought process on grainy

Grainy….. grainy……..

wood grain

when wood gets wet the grain lifts


With a grain of salt

I don’t like grainy food textures unless its cornbread!

grainy…. ¬†grain

things that grain on me… got a few of them….

I think I’ll just enjoy the kittens on our grainy deck!

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