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Happens in threes

Happens in threes is a need for retirement!

It’s a nothing but a thing kind of day! Unbelievable how many times the “happens in threes” occurs. For those that haven’t heard the old adage, it goes like this: “Bad things (or luck) always come in threes”.

My day: (#1) My employer wants our department to fill out an invasive form that has no support from anyone on my shift. (#2) Upon opening the mail, I discovered that the electric company is going to charge us an extra $70 this month for opting out of the smart meter (that I believe we have already paid!). (#3) Then, I receive an email that the trash service is increasing our monthly bill. Justifying the current cost is a challenge.

Here comes the headache

My body wants to react to the stress. Somewhere a small voice starts in “it’s nothing but a thing”. I look out the window of my office and think how nice it would be filling out my retirement paperwork. I ask God for the patience and the knowledge to retire at the right time.

Somewhere in between I placed a call to hubby, the grounded one between the two of us. He says “fight the battles you can win, not the ones that are going to happen anyway.” Well, that eliminates my three issue of the day!


Inspite of wanting to retire now, I am the leader of a great group of people. I can still be the glue that binds them together in the choices they make at work. I take their individuality as a refresher course in patience, kindness and refining my ability to be slow to anger. They have given me perspective on the Bible passage of “a gentle answer turns away wrath” (Proverbs 15). The whole chapter reads of a how to for the soul!

My crew plays a role in keeping me true to the path that defines me. While I never had the privelage of obtaining that from having children, I have received it from the five people I manage. I feel lucky being able to gain the insight without the longevity of children. Some would argue that having children lengthens the life span. I count it all joy that I am enriched beyond measure by being a part of these five peoples lives.

Pondering what is to come

I look at the beginning part of my day as a distraction, and am reminded that the real part is being supportive and giving of myself. I am at my best when I am giving of myself! The fact that bad things come in threes is “nothing but a thing”. I refuse to let it alter my path and will use it to deepen the definition of who I am.

How do you soothe your soul?

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