Happy Anniversary!

Written by lam0beaner

It’s our anniversary!

And the birthday of a dear friend. Happy birthday!

Along with other celebrations, May 5th marks our 18th anniversary! It’s surreal. We’ve been together 25 years! Hubby’s only concern about getting married was waiting after the seven year (itch) period. My concern was not staying in a “live together” relationship. Looking back, I was going through a spiritual awakening.

Over the course of growing up, I was exposed to strict christian beliefs; we do not pray for dumb stuff, we do good deeds in an attempt to earn our way to heaven, we remain and marry a virgin (is that possible?). If it wasn’t what was said, it is how I interpreted it.

I had advanced into my thirties when I finally Figured it out; not on my own, but with the help of a cherished friend who is a counselor. By chance, I met her through a faithful counseling center; I became frustrated fighting the demons that I thought were my cross to bear in life and searched out places for support. I read several books about how all religions came to play in modern society; the different times, cultures, rituals…

How does this pertain to our anniversary?

In my search for truth, I would often listen to Family Life Radio. Every weekday, my twenty minute drive to work was filled with “Focus on the Family“. A talk show that would answer questions from different people and give insights on how to strengthen the family unit. I remember one show in which the host asked: “How do you tell your spouse you love them?” A woman called in and said she left notes on her husband’s pillow telling him how he complimented her life. What a great idea!

My husband and I have no children: We have nothing to gauge our age by (a good thing). The absence of raising children can make you selfish (because we buy whatever we want, whenever we want); there are no school activities to keep us up on the current climate of living; a person can get lost in their own little world. Time flies by and before you know it,  surprise……


How are we going to co-exist in a motor home 24/7 without getting on each others nerves? Our spiritual journey led us to this point. It conditioned us not to worry; provided generously for us to be able to afford a life of freedom on the road; made my husband and I the best of friends.

This mile stone anniversary and countdown to living life the way we worked (and planned) for, has special meaning to me. It’s like being born into a new life! A richer life if that’s possible! Living life on a spiritual journey really is the happiest of times. I wouldn’t change one thing in my life.

Happy anniversary, darling

You are, without a doubt, one of the best things that has happened in my life!

I remember our wedding day…. Up to that day I was seeking and asking God, “Am I doing the right thing? He’s been married before, will I still be living in sin? Will I go to hell for this?” My husband was fearless. He had no doubt as he stared straight into my eyes and repeated his vows. That day there was a double rainbow. The following year I saw more double rainbows than a person could expect to see in a life time! Every time it rained there was colorful beauty to follow!

Shortly after our wedding I read about Moses and the ark, how God used the rainbow as a sign to remind him of his covenant with Moses as well as his his offspring. God answered my questions on our wedding day: I’m forgiven! And to top it all off, God gave me a true one-in-a-life time companion to share the rest of my life with!

Round 2: A light in the dark.

Several years ago my husband and I were on our way to town. I sat in the passenger seat complaining about a slow poke driver. My husband commented; “Maybe they are two lovers out for a drive”. In hind sight I believe he defined our future that day.


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