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In concert at ribfest

In concert 25 years with my husband, he has opened many culinary doors for me. I have become acquainted with spicy foods, chicken wings, gizzards, deep-fried turkeys. But my favorite is RIBS!

Hubby turned me on to the heat of flavor! I’ve come to enjoy many different spices and flavorings. No more cooking boredom for me.


Last weekend we attended a Ribfest in Kalamazoo. Hubby wanted to see Grand Funk Railroad in concert, the ribs were a bonus. We arrived on a rainy afternoon. The weather was like fall. Cold, damp, steady rain. But it was a good time non-the-less.

Bands played all day. We ate ribs of many recipes, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket. All prepared on outdoor grills. Some of the ribs were prepared using a rub, some slathered in unique BBQ sauces, all were good. But there were those that stood out.

2nd place

My favorite took second place. As it turned out we didn’t visit the first place winners establishment. I wish we had because the 2nd place winners were very good!

The music, the beer, the spicy ribs, all made for an enjoyable evening. Including the dark and gloomy rain. I’m a fall baby so it would take more than that to distract me.

the end of the night

Grand Funk put on a heck of a good concert. They are a down to earth, completely American band. They displayed a love for the crowd that felt unique. There were no displays of showmanship, just a get down funky-blues-rock band that knew how to connect with the crowd.

They played sold for 1 1/2 hours of old and new mixed songs. The vibe of the crowd and environment of the festival was great for the senses. A good time for all!

If you’ve never seen Grand Funk

Buy a ticket the next time they are near. If your into that kind of music, you will not be disappointed. Not as spicy as Santana, but they’re up there!


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