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Ah, relief

Cooler weather is a relief Today is in the 70’s. What a relief! The last week was a tough one...


something to do

Something to do Sitting on the back deck with friends and hubby comes around the corner with three...

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Daily Post

Dubious hairdo

I’ve been working days this week And it’s been cold! Today I attempted to blow dry my hair...

Daily Post Recipes

Family Riffs

Once there was a big upright piano In the living room of my grandparents home. I lived there all my...

Daily Post

Corduroy Strut

Going to town I had to go to Lanising today to get fingerprinted for another aspect of my job. In...

Daily Post

Gingerly entrance

I went in gingerly But by the time I left I was developing overzealous feelings of getting started...