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Notice anything different

My website has a different look I was using one of the free themes that WordPress offers. I felt it hard to read and get to the places of interest on my site. Enter Mohammed Obydullah. He hooked me up with something different. I...

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Ah, relief

Cooler weather is a relief Today is in the 70’s. What a relief! The last week was a tough one...


something to do

Something to do Sitting on the back deck with friends and hubby comes around the corner with three...

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Daily Post Food


Irrelevant Trying to bake a pineapple upside down cake today and everything went south! When that...

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What a night

I made it! It was quite a night. I had a smile on my face that lasted the rest of the night, until...

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Flavorful legacy

Stuck and bland or mobile and flavorful Why isn’t living a good life more flavorful? Filled...

Daily Post

I got nothing to

such a nothing word Disobey. The human version. Never have I liked this word. Not because I...