Memorial Day Remembrance

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Written by lam0beaner

Memorial Day

According to Wikipedia, Memorial Day is an activity that began in the south first, then was adopted by the north. The actual day chosen for Memorial Day has no other significance except that it was a day no other events happened on. That, and the fact it was a good time for flowers in bloom. It is thought that fallen veterans were remembered before the civil war.

I was surprised to read it was to honor the war dead. I always thought it was to honor all veterans lost. As a youngster I thought it to be a holiday to remember all those gone ahead of us. Every year it has been something that we do. Make sure the graves are ready for Memorial Day.

Reason for the Holiday

In reality, though, Memorial Day is for those that paid for our freedom with their lives. They are the lives lost while preserving our founding principals. The depth of the day is far deeper than most consider. Men and women giving their lives for the right of those to turn their back on American values.

I mean, think about it. I am sure their are different points of view with service men and women. But at the end of the day they are a team. A brotherhood. If they can’t agree on anything else, they agree on no one being left behind.  That is regardless of faith, sexual orientation, political views.

I’ve listened to accounts where those serving didn’t agree with the way their service unfolded. But they worked together for each other’s survival. I think about how that pertains today, a nation devided. It hardly seems significant when considering the celebration of the day! Even though the example is set, most of us can’t follow it. We can’t put our differences aside to support our president. We can’t voice our opinions while appreciating another’s right to their own opinion; attempting to force our views on others.

Enjoying the Day

Today we will celebrate those who gave their lives for the rest of us. We will physically visit their resting places. Remember them through pictures, a wall, what ever we have left of them. It is my hope that their sacrifice will be remembered through our actions as well. It’s time to walk the talk. Develope tolerance. Realize a common goal and strive for it together. A good one would be to maintain our countries freedoms, declarations and founding principals. Defending them against all manner of threats, no matter what form it takes.

At the End of the Day

We have to take care of our country first! Keeping our homeland strong, secure and able to help others when we can. Isn’t that the very reason those who died, retired and still serve today contribute? They give their all to maintain our heratige. They sacrifice so that we can be safer, more free. Their families suffer to support them and our country. The least we can do is our part.

Across the Nation

Keep the momentum going even after the sun goes down on another Memorial Day. Create a new bottom line of tolerance. Revert back to the generation where peace love and help a brother out was cool. Tell those exploiting political correctness that those colors don’t fly any more!  Get on with the buisness of “planting trees that we will never sit under“.

I hold dear the memories of all those I’ve known who have gone before me; father, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, good friends, not so good friends, best friends, old friends, school friends. They have all impacted my life in some way.

American flag

American flag

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