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Oh my toe

oh my toe!

I’m on a six day weekend! It started on the 29th and I go back to work on the 5th. I had an appointment on Thursday and there was no sense going back on Friday. Monday is a no brainer, having the 4th off. Might as well extend the holiday. Except, on Friday I dropped one of our heavy bottom glasses on my little toe. Oh my toe!

It instantly started swelling and turned purple. I know there is nothing that can be done for those situations, so no need for a trip to the emergency room. I slept with it outside the blankets, as it was cool in our bedroom. A couple of days later and it’s still swollen, but now its a fiery red instead of purple. Shoes are not happening and my gait is a bit altered, but other than that I hope to be good as new by the time I go back to work on the 5th.

Not the first time

Growing up in my grandparents house, my grandmother had an old buffet. It had two drawers and a door on each end.

Antique buffet

Antique buffet like my grandmothers.

It had pretty good storage options. The drawers were in the middle of the piece and the one on top had a sliding  lsilverware tray, not very deep. The bottom drawer was very deep. My grandfather used it as a big tool box after my grandmother passed away. The closest I could get to the one like my grandmothers was at this site.

It did not matter in what part of the dining room this thing sat, my little toes always found it. I bet, if you added it up, both of my toes have been broken, or close to it, no less than 20 – 25 times. I can remember the crippling affect like it was yesterday…..

My grandmother wasn’t overly sympathetic while I was hoping around holding my foot. I can remember her saying; “you know it’s there, why can’t you miss it?” Let me tell you, I wish I knew because it happened again and again!

Had to laugh

My brother visited us today. After showing him my painful toe he told me how he stubbed his toe on his vacuum a couple of nights ago. He said he got so mad he slung the vacuum (which I totally get). I chuckled a bit because it was not that long ago that I would have handled it the same way. However, having a job where watchful eyes is a constant possibility, it forces you to internalize your thoughts and actions.

That, and the fact that I have become more faithful over the years; meaning I don’t take God’s name in vain. Struggeling with the pain until I get on the other side of it is what I do now. Some would say I have a high tolerance. I don’t look at it that way. It’s definitely easier to let the rage take over. When I’m tired, or whatever it is has hurt me several times in a row, it becomes harder not to let rage take over.

Hard to understand

Some don’t understand and cannot wrap their head around it until it happens to them. My husband was one of them. When something happened that hurt or frustrated me, rage would strike in no time flat. I also had difficulty expressing myself, which didn’t help the relationship between hubby and me.

One day hubby spent his entire Christmas vacation (two weeks) attempting to change the gas tank on his S10 pickup. Being an older model, it’s rusted a bit and difficult to deal with. The weekend before going to back to work, I walked out to see how he was doing. At the same time he had one of those rage moments I described earlier and began beating his truck with a tire iron. As the rust was still falling he looked at me and said “don’t say a word!”

I get it

I didn’t say a word that day. Instead I was sympathetic because I could relate. It was also a relief that my even tempered husband could finally understand why I had issues. He got it. Moving forward from that day removed that indifference  from our plate. Time has changed my reactions too,  it’s not an issue any more. Now it’s just “OH MY TOE! Oh my toe, oh my toe, oh my toe!”  😫


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