Black kitty
Written by lam0beaner

Black kitty

Well, I have to say progress is being made

I filled out paper work for retiring on Wednesday. The next day, Thursday, my boss asked me to give him more time. I said sure, give me a date. He commented that I could get holiday pay if I waited until the first of September. The problem with that is I would have to wait until October 18 for my first pension check. Instead, I made my date for September 29th. Right back to the original date I had set for myself.  God’s hand on things, I bet.

It is the most annoying thing. None-the-less, I have set the date and am sticking to it.  I know at this point it will be the right thing, with all that led up to it. I want to be as accommodating as I can be to my boss. He has been very good to me.

kittens are progressing

The kittens have went from a couple of bottles between the three of them in a day, to two cans of solid food mixed with Grey n white n blackkibble and two bottles a day. And they are little butter balls! Cutest little things and so healthy.  They are starting to reach the playful stage, as well as example aggressive behavior over their food.

Its certainly amusing to watch. Every morning I get up have my coffee, eat my cereal and fix the kittens a can of soft food. I scatter the food around a paper plate and take it out. The little kittens scuttle across the deck in record speed. As if they have been starving all night.

Climbing, jumping, wondering

They are getting curious and rambunctious. Jumping off the table; climbing, or should I say clawing, up the chairs; wondering well past the end of the deck boards out into the lawn. Plenty for them to discover.

Hubby actually named one of the kitten Smokey. He seems taken with my husband. Following his voice, seeking him out wherever he goes. Smokey is a male. He’s starting to develop junk. The other two are females. They will all be fixed in 5 more months.

Tugs at my heart strings

Two at playI am a “dog person”, but these kittens have found a special place in my heart. It’s hard to look into their little blue eyes (which seem to be taking on a green hue) and not find them incredibly adorable. Speaking of their eyes, the grandmother to these kittens has intense green eyes. I hope they take after her.

Smokey is completely black and his eyes are still blue.

The grey and white one is a woolly little thing. Maybe we should call her woolly boolly.

The other black one is all black except for the very tip of her tail is white. You miss it if you don’t know it’s there. I have no idea what to name her.

Help me name the kittens

If you have suggestions on the kittens names, I would be happy to hear them. I like unique, original kind of names. We would appreciate the help! Even help us name their Aunt. A calico that is so skiddish we have not been able to catch her to get her fixed. She even outsmarts the live trap!


Not a very good picture of her under the bird bath. She’s so skiddish. Sudden move and she’s gone.

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