A Trip to Big Town


Today my husband and I went to…

Harbor Freight!

It’s his version of my Wally World. He went to get a pair of jack stands he needs that would also be useful in the motorhome. As luck would have it, just like WalMart they were out.

Check out that sky!

After almost a week of 70 degree weather, today is like a fall day; cold, rainy and overcast. If you didn’t know better you would swear it was early October.

It was a good day to get running around done.

However, everyone else had the same idea. There were crowds everywhere we went. Given that, you can be certain there will be a disagreement, or two. In fact, we witnessed a severe case of road rage, impressive in fact. Even though I didn’t see the offense, I can almost guarantee that driver “A” pulled out in front of driver “B” – a sure-to-fire-up offense for some.

Road Rage

When we approached the on ramp to the highway we had to wait for oncoming traffic. I asked my husband “Do you hear that?” He didn’t until it got closer to us. It was the sound of a constant horn. Some of the cars heading towards us were angling onto the highway as well. Then, low a behold, there it was, road rage unfolding. Car “A” getting on the entry ramp with car “B” right behind them, laying on the horn! Car “B” laid on the horn the whole length (1/4 mile?) of the entrance to the highway!

By this time, we are on our way to getting on the highway too. If riding someone’s butt while constantly blowing the horn isn’t bad enough, car “B” passed car “A” then cut them off in traffic! Wow!

The last I saw of the road rage car it took the first exit, of course up some other cars butt. As we passed Car “A” on the highway, the driver was a young girl who looked a bit freaked out.

I could be wrong and it was entirely different circumstances that caused the outpouring of emotion. Regardless what happened, I would venture to guess that driver “A” gained more from that life lesson than driver “B”.

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