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Social media for an anti social person

Becoming social

I’m really starting to embrace this social media stuff! I’ve been accepted to several different groups on face book. They all are informative, fun and reveal a good bunch of people.

I’ve  learned how to properly weight and distribute a load in an rv; new recipes that I can’t wait to try over an open fire at home as well as when we begin our full time RV journey; how to be safe at the campsite and the list goes on and on. I am even utilizing social media to find an after retirement job!

For the longest time I did not feel the need to belong. My sister took right off with Facebook. Meanwhile I remained in the shadows. I signed up in Twitter but it quickly lost my interest. About a year ago I became re-acquainted with twitter. I’ve been pretty active on it since.

It occurred to me, though, I will need a creative outlet when we get on the road, as well as a method of staying connected to those I love. So, I promptly bought a .com (I should say rented, there’s a yearly fee), this website. In getting started, I found out that to attract people to your website you should join social media.  I unlocked the dust on my FB and connected it to my web page, then did the same with my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Still no one came

Setting up my Google Analytics, I found I was still not reaching anyone, and my analytics page was messed up with an error. Then I thought I would hire a pro to straighten it out and map my site, as they say that helps. I went on Fiverr, picked out my person, and $20 later he fixed my errors; mapped out my website; set me up with a Google tags account; things that would have taken me forever. A straight shooting guy, too. And fast! All done within 24 hrs.

I’m thinking about contacting him again. I’m a bit impatient with the process of acquiring readers. I know that something’s take time, it’s just not my style! It so funny that an anti social person like me is trying to attract people to her website! I can’t help but feel I’m so boring no one wants to read my blah, blah, blah.

Nevertheless, onward and upward!

I don’t shy away from challenges and I’m working on not dwelling on them as well. I take out my to do list and start focusing on the items that are still pending. Rain gutters can be crossed off, but the basement has been slow moving. I will focus on that again. Meanwhile, hubby will work towards getting electric in the pole barn so that we can move ahead with the floor.  I’m beginning to appreciate that we have a couple years to go.


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  • Congrats on your upcoming retirement. Journeying around in an RV sounds amazing!! Anyway, this post reminded me of myself – I shied away from social media for so long and feel so lost with it all. I might try your idea of going on fiverr to find someone to help me! I look forward to reading about your adventures!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Conny. My husband changed the plans a bit. He isn’t wanting to full time it. But I’m ok with that. We will still have minny journeys! I look forward to reading your posts as well!