Solar eclipse day

Written by lam0beaner

where were you

Like September 11th, I think everyone is going to remember where they were the day of the solar eclipse 2017. But, unlike Sept. 11th, the solar eclipse was a day of positive reaction. No fear, nor hurt, not pain or loss. Watching it on TV, I heard the crowds anticipation. Seen the excited cheering for the totality and the re-entry of the sun. To me, it was amazing.

In the area I live, you would not be able to tell of the solar eclipse unless you were paying attention. Since I had no protective observation gear (sunglasses), I used my phone. After I discovered that was not going to reveal the moons position, I just started watching my surroundings.

Stormy weather

The area got grey, almost gloomy while we were in 80% eclipse. There were clouds. At times the sun went behind the clouds, but in spite of that you could tell the event was taking place. A breeze began to pick-up, the glaring sun didn’t seem as hot, it was beautiful.

   Even though I couldn’t see the actual display, I think I got some pretty decent sky photos on my phone.

I’m happy with my pictures and am also impressed by the iPhone 7’s camera abilities. While it doesn’t offer much in photo editing (that’s what apps are for, right?) it’s spot on with capture most times.

If you don’t know how to center your content, keep yourself steady until after the picture is taken, improvise on the shot you want, you might as well resolve yourself to mediocre photos. BUT, if you know anything about composition, and possess the ability to focus your intended target and remain steady, your well on your way.

Dont know nothing

I profess to know nothing. I’ve read and listened to what others say and I can see the difference in their material compared to mine. While I don’t aspire to be a skilled photographer, but every now and then I get lucky and the planets align for me. My whole life I rarely took pictures of people, it was always objects. As a result I have no photographic memories to fall back on, concerning the people who have crossed paths with me.

But I do have some interesting photos! For example, a closer look at the cloud in front of the sun puts me in the mind of someone sitting, wearing sunglasses, with their arms up! Or maybe it’s a Simpson character…..

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