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Two kittens playing
Written by lam0beaner

Something to do

Sitting on the back deck with friends and hubby comes around the corner with three of the cutest little kittens. He said Two kittens playingthey wondered out to him, crying. They were hungry but looked like the momma was taking care of them. I don’t need something to do, especially deal with those kittens.

Our cats are ferel barn cats. We were lucky enough to catch the original momma cat and have her fixed but the kittens she had would not get close enough or even fall for a live trap. So they had kittens.

One had a litter of kittens but we never seen them, or her. She just showed back up one day skinny and hungry.  One had a litter of kittens in the garage but they all died then she got killed in the road by my brothers house. Next, the black and white cat had he kittens under hubby’s boat.that’s where they were when Hubby discovered them. Or I should say when they discovered hubby.


Another day goes by and the momma cat moves her kittens. That’s a good sign because it proves she’s taking care of them. As days go by those little kittens are looking skinnier, are constantly under foot crying and two days ago was the last I seen of their mother. She was sick and congested. Well, God said you do need something to do.

Grey and white kittyI had 1/2 n 1/2 in the frig and cut a straw down so that I could drop milk in their little mouths. They have teeth! They gobbled up all I had and for once were quiet. I’m hoping for the momma of these kittens to return.. I can’t stand to see them hungry.

Saturday and no momma cat…

Off to town

I picked up two bottles and more 1/2 n 1/2. When I got home three very hungry kittens tore them bottle’s up. One chewed the nipple right off. Hope that doesn’t cause issues! It swallowed it. They got nice round bellies and quieted down.

Sunday, hubby says, “if your going to keep feeding them we need to get them kitten milk.” He believes for them to be healthy they need the powder. I told him it wasn’t like I wanted to take on feeding three kittens. What else was I going to do with no momma cat to feed them? Off to town again for the powder and another couple of bottles.

Hungry kittens!

When we returned home I fixed three bottles. The kittens went crazy, like they hadn’t ate at all!  Little buggers can eat! Still no momma cat, though. I’m am concerned that she has gone off to die.  I hate the thought of that. No names for them yet but I’m working on it.

All black

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