Time flies

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Time flies

It’s the first of June! 152 days into the year with 213 days remaining. 151 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) left until the New Year. Seems like yesterday that I reached my retirement milestone at work.¬†Five years ago I commented to a retired co-worker how much time I had left. ‘That will fly by” he said, and it did. Oh how time flies.

I made an appointment to get my second implant, first one on the top, about a month and a half ago for yesterday. Feels like it was only yesterday that I made the appointment. I was dreading it all week! When they got me in the chair my blood pressure was 150/90! The procedure took all of 15 – 20 minutes!

The procedure

Getting the implant itself isn’t the worst, the SHOTS are the worst! I got shots in three different locations. Even though the Dentist used numbing gel as a prelude, it could not ease the effects of the second shot. The first one went between the gum and check. The second one went on the inside. The dentist even told me it would bring tears to my eyes, and it did, mostly due to what he described as “a reflex”; the body’s way of reacting. The third shot was in close proximity to the second, off the same syringe.

In about 5 minutes the Dentist checked the numbness. Good to go. A series of three separate drilling vibrations and the implant goes in. With every drilling sequence salty saline solution is dispensed and suctioned. Couple of stitches later I am on my way with a parting gift of antibiotics, dental rinse, pain killers, gauze, re-usable ice pack.

‘The numbness wears off but there really isn’t much pain. The Dentist told me that the bone doesn’t feel pain. It’s the nerves in the gums. I take antibiotics every 6 hours until they’re gone, rinse my mouth in the morning and at night. Today there is a little swelling but I am able to accomplish another series of appointments. One of my stitches came out last night; there is still one remaining stitch so, in my opinion, no cause for concern. The bottom implant did not go as easily, the Dentist wratcheded the bottom implant with a tiny wratchet that he wratcheded the bottom implant in with.

More appointments!

Ralph in Truck

Ralph in Truck[

About a month prior to making my implant appointment I made eye appointments for hubby and myself. It is our annual two year check up. I also set up an appointment for our big dog, Ralph, to get all his shots. I made them far enough ahead that I forgot when they all were. Thank God the times were far enough apart that, with a little running, all,was accomplished.

First came Ralph. The poor dog had to get his nails trimmed prior to the vet appointment. It’s just around the corner from the vets office and it’s usually quick. Today was no different. We were the first appointment after lunch at the vets office so, again, we got right in. Ralph weighs 100 pounds! He had to have a rabies vaccine that hurt him. Ralph has never yipped while getting shots. Our parting gifts for the $288 vet bill were antibiotics and antibiotic spray for his skin infection, antibiotic ointment for his floppy ears, heart worm prevention, flea and tic chews. Ralph is all set for another year!

Second appointment of the day!

We take Ralph home then it’s 20 minutes back to the eye doctor’s office. When they took my blood pressure it was 150/101!! I said “what the heck?!” The assistant took it a second time and it dropped to 120/90. She commented that you can’t trust the wrist cuffs for accurate blood pressure readings. I check my blood pressure regularly with one. I know I have clinical blood pressure issues, because I hate appointments!

Did you know that the eye doctor can tell if there are hardening of the arteries, blood pressure issues, by the veins in the eyes? The vein going back to the heart (which is larger) will make a “u-turn” over the vein carrying blood to the heart (which is smaller)!

One good thing is that my eyes are in real good shape and my vision has changed very little. The Doc recommended another appointment next year for corrective action if necessary! That is the cheapest visit I’ve ever had to that office! $20!

No more appointments!

Aside from a follow-up visit to my regular dentist, oral surgeon, and a trip back to the vet for our other dog in the next two weeks, my appointments are all caught up!

Those that have retired ahead of me say when you retire your more busy. I seriously cannot imagine how that is! While I am eager to find out, I hope it’s not because of appointments!!

The older I get the faster time flies. I know in retirement the months will flash by like seconds. I intend to have many miles as well as seconds with hubby in our motorhome traveling to every state in the union.


Time is flying by;

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I’m faithful, foremost. A blogger since 2017. Interested in photography, painting, anything crafty. I am not afraid to tackle the unknown and if I get stuck, there’s always the internet. I consider myself to be young at heart in an aging body.

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I’m faithful, foremost. A blogger since 2017. Interested in photography, painting, anything crafty. I am not afraid to tackle the unknown and if I get stuck, there’s always the internet. I consider myself to be young at heart in an aging body.