Danger lurks ahead

Written by lam0beaner

 Bee hivecan you see the danger?

Out walking the dogs today I noticed a pretty good-sized bee hive. The last time I saw a hive like this it was above our kitchen entry door. It started out as a little bulb. I was pretty curious as to what the shape was going to turn into. There wasn’t a sense of danger.

Every day the bulb got bigger and started taking on the shape of a baseball. By the time a cousin visited and saw the wonder, it was almost touching the top of the door. I saw bugs flying in and out but they didn’t t bother us and we paid no attention to them, when using the door.


My cousin told us that it was a “bald-headed wasp nest” and that they were aggressive and mean. This spurred my husband into action and he bought a can of wasp spray the very next weekend. In the meantime I would bang on the inside door. As the nest grew, so did their aggressiveness. Towards the end when I would bang on the wall they would bounce off the door window trying to get at me.

My husband would scold me for aggravating them (probably secretly wishing I would get stung 😳). I was pretty thankful for the glass between me and them.

the day came to end the bees

Seeing how mean they had become (or I made them?), hubby was not taking any chances. He hopped in his truck, armed with the bee spray and drove up to the kitchen door. He rolled down the passenger side window (electric), took aim, and began spraying the wasp. They went crazy.

‘Even though my husband was considerable distance away and would roll the window up if any of them headed in his direction, a wasp still managed to get inside and sting him. But he ultimately conquered the nest! First bees nest

A memento

I, nor my husband, ever took the nest down after the bees were all gone. My cousin said they would not habitat the same nest, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I figured we could leave it there until we replace the soffit around the house.

True enough the bees built a new nest in the pine trees out front. I wonder why our p,ace is so appealing to them? I am certain that their date is sealed when my husband goes to town for a second can of wasp killer. I’m not fond of killing things, but when it’s me or them, they gotta go!

a text to hubby

When realizing the nest, I text a picture to my husband. Since the kittens took over the back deck, we have resolved to walking the dogs out the front door. And as it turns out, right in the location of the new nest. I didn’t want him to get stung and this nest looks to be considerably bigger than the first one.

No. 2 bee hiveThis one looks to be the size of a basketball and is very intimidating, I must say. The bees are very active around it as well.

I will be glad when these little, potential terrorist, are gone. With no glass door between us, I’m wide siding the thing. Hopefully there are no relatives of the first nest in this bunch that have a photographic memory. If so, my goose is cooked the second it gets a look at me.

The nest is also by the driveway, so I am leery about hubby coming home in the afternoon, early evening. How mean they can get is still a partial mystery.

Wish us luck in the removal!


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  • Just an FYI so you don’t give ‘bees’ a bad rap, these are wasps and a completely different insect. Wasps are just jerks and will sting you for the laugh. Bees (honey, bumble etc) pollinate and are very much needed for the environment. So please don’t kill the bees 😉

    • Thank you for the info, I appreciate your comment because bees do get a bad rap in general. My grandfather harvested honey so I learned the value of honey bees as a kid. Aren’t most bees pollinators? Thank you, again!