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I’m going to attempt to write an eBook!

I believe I have conquered this website stuff with reasonable confidence, now I’m going to explore my hand at writing. I’ve always thought about being an author. In middle school it was scary books. In high school it was poems. Now I have an opportunity, through an eBook app, to test my skills. I say what the heck!

How hard can writing an eBook be anyway. I googled a few sites and as it turns out, there is a process. I can see the usefulness of it. They say to write a plan, like a hierarchy of topics and sub topics. Okay, topic.

Topic, Topic, Topic!

I cannot come up with anything! They say to write about something you know… or write about someone famous… how about write a short story…. Im beginning to wonder; is writing an eBook half as hard as coming up with a topic? If so, I’ll be done before having started! The only thing I know about is cleaning. Who the heck would want to read a book about that?

I know a thing or two about managing. After all, it feels like I have managed just about every personality type. I’VE GOT A TOPIC! Now the plan. They say it should only take two weeks and be about 4000 words. That doesn’t sound like much. My mouth runs like a whipper wills ass during berry picking season! (Love that expression). I shouldn’t have any problems with what to say, it’s the ‘how to arrange it’ that’s got me worried.

You Never know until you try

I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. I will search for every book (and eBook) known to man in order to accomplish what I set my mind on. The bigger problem is sucking at it, right? While pondering the topic, I stopped to consider what is the name of the eBook going to be? I’d like it to be a catchy phrase or something. I wrote one down, “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove – Supervision”. I don’t know, it’s boring.

Maybe I am going to peter out on this project early. I need some help, readers! Please contact me with your title ideas. I will put the eBook on here for free, with credits linking back to the person with the winning title.

Grateful for resources

I appreciate the help of everyone. There is a website, Fiverr, where people offer their services and almost everything starts at $5! Upon completion of my eBook and title, My intention is to hire a proofreader and illustrator for the front cover. The cost most assuredly will be more than $5, but Im equally as confident the price will remain reasonable. Who knows, I could end up writing travel guides, motorhome buying guides, the possibilities are endless!


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