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Free Wisteria to Good Home

Free Wisteria
Written by lam0beaner

Free Wisteria

Free Wisteria

A Beautiful day for yard work!

While mowing, I stopped to pull weeds around the Wisteria in our front yard. I thought about cutting it down but then it occurred to me I might be able to get it a good home! The plant pictured above is free!

If your interested, you can learn more about the Wisteria at Wikipedia. From experience I can tell you the plant very hardy! I’ve given this plant away several times. Once to my husbands uncle and several times to other friends.

Wisteria BushThe original plant was moved to the edge of our deck. It’s to shady in that location and will never bloom. My husband and I are considering removing it all together. We really don’t have a location suitable to enable it’s blooming.

They really are beautiful.

I gave my mom one of the reoccurring Wisteria. She told me hers bloomed this spring! It took long enough! Mom defiantly has a greener thumb than I do. She’s not one for inside plants but she has a good sized garden every year.

Mom’s garden is a mix of flowers and veggies. Every time I see it I am jealous of the effort and persistence she applies to it. I peter out the second round of weeds. I have even attempted container garedening, only to have another bout of disappointment.

Back to the Wisteria

I have seen them growing up silos, telephone poles, sides of barns. They can  grow to 30′ in height. They can be trimmed back like a tree, but ultimately they will go back to being a vine when the pruning stops.

Please send me email or use the contact page. I would be happy to meet half way, if within a reasonable distance from out home.

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