High five to Md. Obydullah

High five to Md. Obydullah

Here I go again with another website issue! I have been attempting to update but no luck! First there was a message on top of the webpage. A lot of lingo I didn’t understand how to fix. In attempting to ignore it until I could get my site updated, it locked me out of my site by displaying a page of errors after logging in. Ugh! Help Md. Obydullah!

Md. Obydullah is a life saver from Bangladesh! He is on Fiverr. There is so much positive and good things to say about both. Md. Obydullah, I call him “Oby”, is there for me when my site crashed. He fixed the errors within a few hours and had me back online. Oby is there for me through error codes preventing me from logging into my site. He is all out support and well versed in matters of online, in my opinion.

Last night

When I discovered I could not make sense of the issues, I sent word to Oby. Within minutes he got back with me and accepted the task of fixing my problems. And within an hour was all done! The patience of this guy is incredible. He had to wait while I got my head out of my butt trying to get him access to my sites. Always with smiley faces and reassuring words!

Fiverr solves the issue of not being able to afford help. Most “gig”s are $5. The price goes up with the more detailed issues. Some start out at $10. The point is that you can find reasonably priced help. There is also the relationships that develope along the way


It’s my hope that Oby will be on Fiverr, and with me, from now on. I have high hopes for my website and they include his expertise and advice. He has established trust and I appreciate all the help he’s provided. I am farther in this adventure having made his acquaintence.

Fiverr has what you want, when you want it, in the amounts that you want! What could be better? If Oby is an example of the resources available there is no worries in hiring from the site. Reviewing the comments of the person you are looking to hire is the best first step. Keeping your price range real is another. Your expectation of the completed work revolves around the pricing. If you get someone like Oby who is putting his services out there at a reasonable fee, leave them a tip for a job well done.

Establishing a relationship

Once you have gotten familiar with those you hire, establish a relationship if they are willing. It’s a small world and you may have something to offer them.  A ton of great advice can be gleaned from those kinds of relationships, and not always for a fee.

I believe in “what goes around, comes around”

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