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I got nothing

Written by lam0beaner

such a strong word

Disobey. The human version.

Never have I liked this word.

Not because I experienced the fall out,

most often I remembered the willow switch

and never wanted to challenge ones version of disobey.

No, the word holds disrespect.

It’s a word only abusers would speak,

when their egos have been bruised or questioned.

I don’t take it lightly, nor do I repeat it to others in my life.

How can one love and use a word like disobey?

How can one share the beauty of life with such a word?

What is the action of that word when two parties aren’t aligned?

It’s ┬ánot the use that causes the effect┬áit’s the action that brings it full circle.

Remove it from your lips, vocabulary and knowledge.

Ban it from your life never to hear or repeat.

Turn it’s hate into acceptance.

pro (obey) or con (disobey).


I don’t use the word “fool” either.


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