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The will to….

We can overcome

When I reflect on today’s word post, I can’t help but think of those tiny little kittens. Malnourished, crying out to hubby, losing their mom. They have most assuredly overcome!

7D0B2A98-819B-4BE0-AB8F-FD4480B1D4F5Above is V. V., below is SmokeyIMG_0442

This is K. K.

These poor little kittens have overcome their poor beginning and evolved into healthy sweet kitties. They know their names and are spoiled! I think they deserve to be pampered.

I think about my family

The obstacles my family have overcome seems to be the same story of poor beginnings. So many deaths, hardships, losses. But it’s really no different from any other families stories. Everyone experiences the same thing to a certain degree at some point in their lives. What sets some apart from others is will.

There are those who are happy to be a casualty, statistic, a dependent. They have no will or pride in their lifestyle. They just wait for the helping hand to be extended and strive for the free things in life. But, the other side of that coin is those who have expectations from life, goals, dreams. They are the ones who develop true grit. Survival. Resilience. Determination to overcome. That is my family.

lazy people chap my butt

I started out on an easy street of handouts. But at the age of 20, moved several states south to find work. Cutting the apron strings is the best thing can happen to a young person. So when I express my opinion about dead-beats, I am not doing it half heartedly. For I know that laying back and accepting hand outs, holding out for free money instead of working, these things alter the will born into each of us.

The lack of drive and determination takes with it a persons survival instinct and resilience. It exposes the weakness. You would think those who have come to be dependent would thank God for the survivors that enable their freedoms. I know in hind site of two hurricanes I thank God for the giving heart and generosity of others.

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