Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away…

Rain on the windshield

Rain on the windshield

Seems like that is all we have had since winter gave way to spring.  I understand the April showers bring May flowers, but we are nearly in June! Now it’s “Rain, rain, go away; come again another day!

Hubby woke me this morning, with a cup of coffee, saying that he wanted to get to the bike shop before it rained. He took his motorcycle in for a complete service. Every couple of years or so,  before putting it onto the road, he takes it in to have the oil changed, wiring checked, fluids checked & topped off, tires checked for wear and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.

Some guys do it themselves, and so does hubby. But every now and then he likes to get the pro’s inspection. Today it paid off, they told him he has a crack in his exhaust joint.  Not bad. As a matter of fact it was small enough that they had a hard time finding it. They also advised him to get a new front tire.

Hubby’s bike is his pride and joy!

Electroglide Police

Hubby’s bike

We purchased his motorcycle in 2003. It’s a 2001 Electro Glide, Police.  We’ve enjoyed many rides since then. The bike was white when we bought it, but hubby wasn’t thrilled with that. He tore it apart a couple of years after we bought it and repainted it.

Hubby is a painter by trade. He purchased his paint through a supplier at the shop. It was a three step process. Gold base, Candy Apple red paint, and then clear. It is a pretty  motorcycle.

In asking hubby the details, he commented on how I said it would never run again. I remember the day he took a perfectly good motorcycle and had it in pieces and parts all over the garage floor. Taking one look at that, after having just paid it off, I said ” that will never see the road again.”

It took him just three weeks to paint and reassemble the Electro Gluide. With help from friends in the painting department, another friend who helped with getting the back tire back on, he was ready to ride. When the sun shines on that bike it’s the prettiest red I believe I have ever seen. Since then he picks the colors for every project we do; the house remodel, our furniture, exterior house paint, windows, you name it. He has the knack for it.

Getting over to the Harley dealer

There is an overcast all morning. I wanted to stop and look at motorhomes on the way. Hubby reluctantly agreed and we stopped and a little RV place on the way. It’s hard to catch the guy there! We looked at four or five. Only one was close to what we were thinking, a Coachman. It was in dire need of cleaning and I have to wonder about the care in those instances.

It’s good thing we didn’t take long. By the time we got to the dealer and cashed out, the overcast was turning to sprinkles. We caught a little heavier rain on the highway but managed to outrun it. It started pouring about a half hour after getting home.

I don’t mind the rain, gloomy weather calms my soul. It puts a cramp in getting anything done outside though.

Rain, rain, rain!

The plan was to get back and get the yard mowed before the down pour. I was able to get the back yard done with the push mower, but when hubby got the z-turn out the belt flew off. Brand new belt! He thinks it might be a little stiff. Everything got put back for a day when there is no rain. Wonder when that will be?


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